Thursday, August 19, 2010

Help me get to 100 Subscribers.

Starting a new blog can be time consuming.  Not only does it take several hours when creating your own back grounds, headers, and customizing your HTML, but you have to consider subscribers.  This one can be a little more time consuming, getting the word out that I'll finally be posting all of my past and current reviews in one place and making up my lists of recommendations.

So to entice you to go ahead and subscribe to my blog with the promise that with a little more time I'll get my blog up-and-running we will have OUR FIRST CONTEST!

I'm still not sure of the specifics but I promise I will post them as soon as I put it into words.  I am positive it will involve either a NEW BOOK or an ARC (advanced reading copy) that I've already reviewed. 

Remember, if you tell your friends we'll be up and running that much more quicker!

*Note- I'm currently working on my grab-button but hope to have it up soon ;-)


  1. Woah *looking at blog with awe* This is so cool! How'd you make it like this?

  2. Let me tell you, even if you do entice followers with a contest promise, is it the right thing? I don't know the answer, but I think that, NOT bribing, but imploring people to follow by these means, isn't what I'd say is the right way to go about blogging. ESPECIALLY since this is your 6th blog post, and you've given me the impression that your big concern is getting people to follow your blog.

    Blog followers is not an indication of an amazing blog.

    People should be drawn to your blog because of your content, your reviews, your interviews, whatever the heck you choose to feature. Contests shouldn't be the sole reason someone should follow, or at least make it only part of the reason.

    Sure, having a great layout is good, and it'll be what will draw readers in to actually read your stuff, but it's the content that will make people stay. It doesn't even need to be reviews... like me. I don't review as much as I'd like to (I have a valid reason though), but I try to provide links to useful bookish info & news, and yes I do have lots of giveaway stuff, but all I'm saying is mix it up a bit.

    Sorry, I sound a bit harsh now. I'm not trying to be...just trying to give you some of my two-month-blogger's wisdom. Haha.

    Also, remember to love your fellow blogger! Comment back when people comment your posts. I'm sure you do that already, just reiterating what should be done. :)

    In any case, I'll follow your blog. I'd like to see how you develop in a week's time.

  3. i love the headings for your posts, they are super cute!


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