Thursday, September 23, 2010

Book Blogger Hop (6) + Follow Friday (5)

It's Follow Friday!

This is my fifth Follow My Blog Friday, a weekly meme hosted by hosted by Parajunkee's View

Book Blogger Hop

This is my sixth Book Blogger Hop, a weekly meme hosted by Crazy-For-Books

Book Blogger Hop Question:

When you write reviews, do you write them as you are reading or wait until you read the entire book?
I have tried writing them as I read but it doesn't work for me.  I am quick to jump to conclusions or judgments and just as quick to jump back and reevaluate.  It wouldn't do anyone any good for me to actually write as I read. 

What about you?


  1. Hopping by to visit and follow! I write notes as I go, but i revise them all into a review after I know what to think of the whole book. Plenty of books have surprised me in the last 50 pages, so I try to hold off final judgements for a while. :-)


  2. Hi! Just hopping by! Writing as I read also doesn't work for me so I finish a book first before I write a review. :)


    Musings of a Reader Happy

  3. hey! I think we "found" each other last week or something :) I'm like you, I can't write a review till I finish the book either!
    Have an awesome Friday

  4. Happy Hop! I wait until I'm finished before I write the review and use all the insight notes I took to help show how I felt. Helps alot!

    HOP by and visit

  5. Hi! Stopping by for the Hop and FF!

    Yeah, I have to wait until the end too... although I mark things as I go!

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    Book Blogger Hop, Follow Friday and a Giveaway!

  6. From the hop!
    I write my review as soon as I am done!

    Yara @ Once upon a Twilight!

  7. Just stopping by to share some Friday blog love! Have a great weekend!
    A Trillian Books

  8. hopping by-great blog-I love the design!

  9. (Hopping!)

    I've found the same thing happens if I try to write a review before I get to the end--sometimes, the review doesn't look like the story at all. Whoops!

  10. Hello! Stopping by on the Hop =)

    I totally agree - I change my mind about a thousand times while I'm reading a book. Rarely do I love a book from start to finish (it happens occasionally though, and then it's amazzzing ;-))

    Happy Friday!

    The Bookish Type

  11. Hello, stopping by from the blog hop and follow friday. I'm a new follower so I look forward to reading more of what you have to say about the books you're reading. I'm a sucker for pretty things and I just have to tell you that your blog is fabulous! I love the header (the font is gorgeous) and it's just so nice and lovely, really.

    Keep up the good work!

  12. Hey there! I'm a new follower from the blog hop, and I look forward to reading your upcoming reviews and such!

    I'm much like you...I can't write my reviews while I read :)

  13. Just stopping by for the hop and FF!!! I hope that you are having a great weekend so far!

    Feel free to check out mine at Addicted To Romance

    Happy Reading!

  14. I am following you from Para-Junkees Friday Follow!! Looking forward to seeing what you post on your site! You can view my blog and follow me back at:
    Thanks! Pris

  15. sorry left you the wrong link- i must be way too tired!!! Addicted To Romance

  16. Hi there! *waves*

    Just making my round via hop! Lovely blog you have here. This week I'm trying really hard to reach 375 followers so for every follower I get this week they will get one too! So hop on over!

    Til next time,
    Lisa (Badass Bookie)xx

  17. I'd hate to stop and write. Thanks for posting my contest on your sidebar. I'm on the last stretch of my comp...writing names on pieces of paper for the draw...mind-numbing :D.

    Have a fabulous week.

  18. Hi! I'm a new follower from the Blog Hop.
    Hop by mine and follow back!

  19. Just hopping by on the book blog hop! I also write up my reviews after I read the whole book as well. It seems that books just have too much content to judge it at the beginning. I wish I could write reviews just after I've finished a book because it's all fresh in my mind, but it never seems to work that way. I'll be following you to see what you post next.

    In the Closet With a Bibliophile
    For The L♥ve of Reading

  20. Hello! I really like the look of your blog :) I can't write reviews as I read either, but that's just because I hate putting books down to scribble notes. Anyway, I'm a new follower.

    If you get a chance, check out my blog. I've got a few giveaways going on at the moment.

    Have a great weekend!

  21. Hi, I'm a new follower from the hop. I don't completely write my review until the whole book is done. I see you are close to 100 followers...keep hopping and you'll get there. That's my goal this week too! Come and visit me at

  22. Hi I am an old follower! I'm finding that most people also write after reading. Have a blessed weekend :)

  23. yup, i totally can't concentrate on the book if I'm pre-reviewing it as i go. Starts feeling like a highschool assignment.
    I'm a new follower, stop by and say hi.

  24. Just hopping by….

    Stop by my blog if you get a chance for the answer to this week’s questions…it was my question that was chosen…pretty neat.

    I also have a lot of reviews you may want to check out.

    Happy Hopping, Everyone….hop on over to my blog to see MY answer to MY question.


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