Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Haunted Halloween: Story Contest

I came across this awesome series of contests over at A Life Bound By Books and figured I'd give it a shot just for fun.  If you read the story don't forget the Author's Note at the bottom!


The Current-Day 1900's Spiderman: A Little Boy's Tale.

A shaggy haired two year old boy with wide eyes watched the hall of his newly built home.  Not only was his puppy barking at it but both pet cats were hissing as well.  His mommy turned to the hall then back at the display in front of her calling their attention.  The little boy dropped his multi-colored duplos and looked to his mommy, his eyes glistening with a look she never seen before, then pointed to the short hall between the living room and the playroom saying one word. “Man.”

The appearances of 'man' didn't stop that one quiet night..

At two and half the little boy, whose knowledge of cartoons only spanned to those on Disney gave his mommy a name for the 'man.’ The boy said he was told to call him ‘Spiderman.’

Not even at three and the little boy who had grown by leaps and bounds, pointed to the hall and described something out of a historical novel.  A black coat, gray short-pants with two shiny thingies on the sides, funny shoes and socks with a hat not to be mistaken for a ball cap on his head.

At three and a half visits from 'Spiderman' were still something that happened occasionally, usually when he Daddy was out of town.  The little boy called his Daddy a "non-believer" and said his mommy was "in denial."

The sounds of giggles filled the house and the little boy's mommy ran frantically thinking of the mess that may have awaited her.  Standing in the doorway of her room, her little boy was squirming from side to side, his hands swatting at the air around him.  "What are you doing, baby?"  "Spiderman....won't...stop...tickling...me."  The boy stopped and looked behind him and his face turned hard, his mommy scared 'Spiderman' away.

While the little boy's mom never witnessed another tickle-fest, she heard them. Sometimes in the morning before her son called for her to wake up, before he would fall asleep, and even a few times in the middle of the night.  It wasn't only tickle-fests, sometimes it was story time with a telling of a story about a little boy who lived in a cabin and a girl who looked just like the little boy's mommy as told by Spiderman.

Two years after the first appearance of Spiderman, the precious four and a half year old boy asked to detour in the Mens section of one his mommy's favorite store.  She gave little protest with the little boy’s daddy in mind.  With t-shirts being held up asking if that was what he was looking for the boy looks to his mommy with a certain, recognized, seriousness in his bright green eyes and says, "Mommy, Spiderman, needs a new shirt.  He always wears that black coat."

Worries about Spiderman's attire didn't stop there.  With declining temperatures, even at only ten degrees, came the worry for Spiderman's short-pants, 'the ones that are turned up at the bottom with two silver buttons on the sides.'  Described exactly how he did almost two years before, with more detail then before.

"Spiderman loves my new bunk beds mommy.  I told him he could sleep on the top but he can't scare me anymore."... "Mommy, Spiderman isn't really his name.  He told me I couldn't tell you though because you'd probably cry."

Author's Note: I just got my son's bunk bed a week ago.  After the last episode I asked my son to quit making up stories and he says to me, "Spiderman told me you'd say that.  He told me to tell you that he liked the boat you bought from toys-r-us while I was at pre-school."  That being the boat I purchased THAT DAY and hadn't told anyone about except my husband who I called while at the store.  There was no talk of this boat- it was a spur of the moment decision.

Happy Haunted Halloween :-)

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