Thursday, December 23, 2010

Third Degree Thursday (1)

Yes, I haver a way of continually changing a Meme's name to fit my blog don't I?
Third Degree Thursday, otherwise known as Booking Through Thursday, is a weekly meme hosted by:
Booking Through Thursday.

I actually do not yet have a graphic for this :-/  I found this through G-Reads and thought the question was a great first question for a new meme I will participate in from time to time.
What Book Changed Your Life

Ah, yes, my answer tends to be a pretty popular book (series.)

Twilight.  Yes, I am a fairly new AVID reader.  The Twilight Movie had just come out.  Girls were flailing their arms everywhere and I just so happened to be at the store.  Oh Lucky Me.  So I wanted to know why people everywhere have Twilight totes, shirts, necklaces, scribbling on their shoes, EVERYTHING!  So I pick up the movie.  Then I decide to do a little test and I purchased the first book to go with it.  I wanted to read the book then watch the movie.  I wanted to dissect it all, along with my best friend.

Needless to say the rest is history. I went out the next evening to buy the rest of the books.  Approximately six days later I was purchasing The Host.  Then from there House of Night.  The obsession grew with each book.  Instead of buying one book at a time I was buying several.

Don't misunderstand me when I say I'm a new reader.  I was an avid reader as a child and young teenager but high school, college prep courses, friends, part time job, cheerleading, and six days of the week gymnastics made it to where reading was simply something I couldn't do beyond required high school reading.  

So, while Twilight is merely a blip on my list of books I have most enjoyed (and downright became obsessive over) I 'heart' Twilight for what it actually is I have to thank it and the gaggle of insane and obsessed girls who helped push me toward Twilight. Without them I would have never found the never ending list of books I am fabulously in love with. Nor, would I found this fabulous community of book-bloggers.

I promise, all future Booking Through Thursday posts will be much shorter ;-)


  1. Ditto! Twilight for me too!

    I initially read The Harry Potter series right after the Deathly Hallows came out and I loved it! I finished the series in under 2 weeks I think. But at the point, I don't think I was sure as to what I really liked reading. But then the Twilight movie came out and I watched it and decided I HAD to read the book, so I did. I finished all 4 books in 4 days. I had a HUGE headache after that and I was sooooo tired! But needless to say, that was the book that got me addicted to reading and all that!

  2. You are more than welcome to use the graphic I made for this event!

    I love reading about how Twilight changed so many peoples lives. I know you've read my response & understand that I agree with you 100%! Books are so much of my life now, I can't even begin to imagine life without them.

  3. Harry Potter changed my life. Definitely. That series defined my childhood love for reading! I wish I could say I liked Twilight, but it wasn't my favourite. Great answer though! :D

  4. Great answer!

    I hate when people are down on books, no matter what they are. I believe that if some book (or series of books) can get people rapidly flipping pages, I'm all for it.


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