Sunday, January 2, 2011

Do You Woot?

TODAY ONLY- For those that don't know, Woot is a daily *special* website.  Each day it is a new deal... or so says my hubby who pointed this out to me to share with you :-)

Just thought I'd share this with those who are looking for an EReader.  I personally have a Nook, some people are in love with their Kindles.  I don't know much about any of them but the Nook.  I researched them before purchasing them.  Only reason I bought a Nook over a Sony was the fact I travel a lot and can purchase a book while on the road.  If you don't NEED that then a Sony might be a good thing for you. They all have their Pros and Cons.

Even if you aren't big on e-reading these handy devices come in handy for things like NET GALLEY and FREE READS that all 3 major stores have (Amazon, B&N and Sony.)  Not to mention this is quite cheap.

Have a Fab Day!

Sony Digital eReader Touch Edition

Sony Digital eReader Touch Edition


  • + $5 shipping

1 Sony PRS600 Digital eReader Touch Edition
Black, Red

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