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February Special: Book Blogger Love (2)

In the spirit of Valentines Day, during the month of February I will be introducing you to some of our newest fellow bloggers and some of my favs.

Today we have Kare of Epic Book Nerd on the blog!  

Blogger File- (a.k.a. the info, the dirt, etc.)
Alias: Kare 
Current Mission: Outside In by Maria V Snyder
Base: (click here)
Partner: Dallin- 
Age: 19
Twitter: @epicbooknerd
Preferred Mission types: Strictly young adult. Coincidental contemporary (like karma, destiny, fate, and  all that jazz bringing things together in a cosmic way)(yes I made that up), Paranormal, Fantasy, Sci-fi (sometimes ), Historical Fiction, and Problematic Contemporary (suicide, rape, depression, etc) (yes I made that up too)

Reading- How it became a LOV3 of mine...

So we start at the days following up to my first day of kindergarten. My older brother hates reading always has and at this point in my life I am easy to scare. He tells me that in kindergarten you have to read, making it sound like the worst thing in the world. So as a scared kid I walk into school. Turns out I am an advanced reader that can read like no other five year old. Thus my love of reading was born. 

At the age of 13 I had another flare of passion for reading. I give my thanks to my science teacher. I know what you are thinking but she is a book lover and we really connected when it came to books. She would recommend books and I would devour them. This is also the year I read the whole Harry Potter series (time like five), the Chronicles of Narnia, and the Sisterhood of the traveling pants. I was on fire during this time as far as reading goes. 

When high school started I was hit with a huge work load and until my sophomore year my book reading dwindled... this is when I met Twilight. Yes Twilight opened my eyes further to the world of YA books. I thank it for that. So I was again little miss reader. 

My junior year brought another readers moment. I had this amazing history teacher who was THE teacher. Everyday he went around and asked everyone what they liked to do in their free time or any hobbies. I said reading (I mean I was totally consumed by books). Some kid scoffed. I will NEVER forget what my teacher said to him. He looked the kid in the eye and said "You laugh now but one day she will be your boss". 

So I thank my evil older brother who teased me about kindergarten, Mrs.Kwant the teacher who fed me books and asked my opinion, Twilight (so not what I set out to do...seriously! Since the hype I have ignored it) which helped me find my reading groove,  and Mr.Willard who made me feel like being a reader was a good thing. Now at 19 I am a book blogger... my life has brought me to this point, we will see where it goes next :P

I believe in the pay it forward method, so I am now passing my love of reading on. My current project? My little brother, Dallin. I saw the fire in his eyes, and I knew he had the makings of an epic book nerd. So I gave him Harry Potter and he gobbled the series in no time. From there it was easy to nudge books his way. Slowly I realized that he would be the perfect team mate for my blog. So I signed him on. He hasn't done very many posts but he is getting on it. 

Here is to spreading the LOV3 of reading...

Thanks so much for having  me, I had so much fun with this post!

just sayin,
-Kare (The Epic Book Nerd)


Thanks Kare for dropping by!  You're freakin' Epic ;-)

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  1. This is a great idea! Loved reading about Kare, and I'm now following Epic Book Nerd. Thanks for sharing!

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