Sunday, February 6, 2011

L.J Smith pulled from The Vampire Diaries

So, it is much to early in the morning to be writing a post like this.  Heck, even reading news like this.

L.J Smith writing The Vampire Diaries is no more, instead those who choose to continue to read the series will be reading the work of a Ghost Writer.

It gets better.  Well, worse.

Not only is L.J Smith being pulled from her series it has been ordered to do away with the undeniable attraction and love between Damon and Elena.  I mean, really, in my opinion (which may not count for much) this is the back bone for the book as well as the television series.  If people can't see that... I don't even know.  It is obvious.  It is there.  Without 'Delena' I have no interest in reading the books.  Heck, if that ever transfered over into the television series I too would rid myself of that 2.99 weekly I-Tunes purchase because I don't get the CW out here in Nowheresville, GA.  It is that gripping relationship between Damon and Elena which gives Damon his erratic behavior and the soft moments we all swoon over.  This is much of the same for the books.  

While we are on the matter of characters and how it pertains to the books I will say, personally, I do not care for Stefan.  While some may view him as the perfect, caring, loyal vampire-boyfriend I simply see him as an obstacle and a martyr. It is the dynamic that Damon brings and his human-like feelings for Elena which bring the book to life.  It is more then your typical love triangle that is buried in the wood work that L.J. Smith has built for The Vampire Diaries.  Why do I want to read about the perfect-Stefan?  Why do I want to watch a character which has already been brought into the forefront be pushed back because someone made the (poor) decision to put it on the back burner?

How could someone possibly ever justify taking L.J Smith's story?  Do they not already see the uproar this is causing?  They shouldn't even need to see it- they should have already known.  Isn't it their jobs to know/predict what the masses want?  They sure as hell got it wrong with this.  It doesn't really matter to me they are promising that we will not even be able to tell the difference.  If they truly believe that then they obviously believe their readers are less than observant.  While L.J Smith gave us no definitives with Damon and Elena's story together there has always been that spark, which is more then the 'fondness' and 'physical attraction' we may be granted.  Readers can sense a change in the books.

Here is a quote that is making its way around the web.
A quote from L.J. Smith, herself, “I am very, very sad—sadder than I have ever been since my mother passed away—but there is absolutely nothing I can do. There will be no more Delena in the series—although Elena may be fond or physically attracted to Damon.”

Melissa at I Swim For Oceans has written a much more eloquent post based with some of the facts.  Melissa has a way with words which I won't try to match at this point (read: I was up really late, up too early, and my brain still isn't working.)

What Can You Do?   Sign this petition   Let Everyone You Know That With No L.J There Will Be No Book Sales!

Here are a few links you may or may not be interested in based on what I've read so far.

L.J Smith Website

Alloy Entertainment (The Folks Who Own Her Series)
Harper Collins (Her Publisher)

Seriously, tell me all of the press pictures surrounding The Vampire Diaries the series don't depict what most of us feel when we read The Vampire Diaries... that undeniable THING between Damon and Elena.  It isn't the readers, or Author, who have gotten this wrong. 



  1. Thank you for posting. I'm glad this is getting around so fast! Hopefully we'll be able to make a difference in this. I don't have any desire to read books by a ghostwriter for this series after they do this to LJ, and I don't even want to think about what the loss of Elena and Damon's relasionship would be for the series. I hope more bloggers like yourself take up the issue. Again thank you for posting about this, the more of us who do the better chance we have of nipping this in the bud.

  2. Stacey, thank you SO much for writing a post about this, too (and thanks for the compliment - though you said it all extremely well, too!) Frankly, whether she signed the contract or not, I still think it's completely an overstep on both the publisher and alloy's part...I think that without L.J. there is no series.

  3. Seriously?*pulls hair out in frustration* What is wrong with this people? I know this is just business or them, but you DON'T JUST pull a book from an author. It's not like they give you a Coke in a newly designed can and it tastes the same. It's a BOOK! (a series for that matter). The author's voice is 'kind of important' (duuuh). I'm too angry to write here everything I want LOL. It's not fair! *signs petition* I'm actually sorry for that ghost writer...
    Tanks for the post!

  4. I will not be buying any books by a ghost writer. Personally, I loved the whole love triangle and I love both Damon and Stefan so I didn't care who LJ decided to put Elena with in the end. It was her books, she should be able to do with them what she wants, after all she is the one that invented them in the first place. I'm so mad....What are they thinking? I hope this gets around to all the fans and that they will not buy the books if she isn't allowed to write them.


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