Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fab Friday: Where Have I Been?

No, this is not an official meme or feature.  Though, I am probably going to do another play on my blog name and make it one.

So, some of you may wonder where I've been.  The answer is easy.  Read on for a semi-adventure of crazy people, transformers and fish tanks, water spouts, my attempts at couponing and mega cleaning! And if you don't... there is the mini version.  Crazy People, Tranformers and Fish Tanks, Water Spouts, Couponing and Mega Cleaning!

In June I spent nearly three weeks with my parents in Arizona.  We spent lots of time together in the pool, watching Ghost-Hunting shows, playing with my son and then we took a week to go to Disneyland and Sea World in California. And let me tell you about the rude-inconsiderate-assholes that inhabit these places! Actually, I'll save you the horror stories but let's just sum it up as leaping over strollers, smashing my sons leg, poking my son in his eye, and cursing and pushing and almost breaking of the sandals!  I can't believe how inconsiderate and out of control GROWN ADULTS are.  Even through the bad my parents, my son and I had a wonderful time and made some great memories.

Fast forward to this past weekend.  My son and I returned home this holiday weekend.  Saturday we decided to make it a "Kiddo" day and took him to Transformers: Dark of the Moon, which we all loved and are tempted to view in 3D now.  Then we made a Kiddo only shopping trip to Target were he got to pick out a new tooth brush and transformer.  After that we went to a Pizza place we all love and sat by the fish tank.... just for the kiddo.  We had a much needed Kiddo only day.

Fourth of July.  We woke up "late" and headed immediately to spend a day on the lake.  We were on a time line because of Dinner and Fireworks at my sister-in-laws best friend's home.  THANK GOD we NEEDED to leave when we did.  Out of no where, the skies turned black and there was actually a water spout on our lake!  Not only a water spout (as pictured by our friends who stayed on the lake longer than we did- but really the water spout was photographed like ten minutes later) but the waters were so rough there was kids falls out of boats, rescues, and CPR type of stuff.  The video we saw was insane and if we would have been through that my son and I probably wouldn't have went back out.  He's a little skittish and I have lake-induced-anxiety because of my lack-of-like/fear of water. (HA! And we have a boat!)

So let's skip to the past few days.  Instead of blogging and reading (which I did in fact read one book!) I have been doing a total house cleaning!  I have a small in-home studio for newborns and infants and since I have repackaged myself, given myself a new website (which I am still uploading and preparing) and with my MAJOR advertising I'm going to be doing and receiving I've been on a huge cleaning spree.  And I mean in every room and with a toothbrush! IT FEELS GREAT.  My home is always 'clean' but I've purged my shelves, cabinets and even my sons room.  Next is my closet.  And like I said IT FEELS GREAT!  (Did I mention I'm trying my hand at couponing of the non-extreme kind?!  Who knew there were so many different story policies and rules!)

So now, it is time to get back into the swing of things with my upcoming Blogoversary and Birthday (B-Day is July 12!)

If you've made it this far... You are totally Fabulous!

Have a great weekend! 

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