Saturday, October 8, 2011

That Would be a big #IHateChu to Blogger...

So does anyone want to guess what Blogger failed to do - AGAIN!- while I haven't been around?

That's right. Post my SCHEDULED Posts.

I mean really? How hard is it blogger? It says it all right there. In that little column where it says the date + time or simply draft.

Believe me I am capable of noting the differences with these two things but apparently blogger likes to go through glitches where it just doesn't post and turns EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING back into drafts.

So nice of you Dear Blogger to eff-up one more time. I'm not sure how it picks which blogging accounts to attack but I seem to be one of them regularly. Everything from clearing all of my followers, deleting over 30 scheduled posts completely, stealing posts and not returning them and time and time again NOT posting my posts.

I should have migrated to Wordpress when I had the chance.

So, soon, I'll go through and repost some of the time sensitive posts- as in book tour posts- that have failed to post.

I mean isn't it bad enough that I have to type in the "edit html" part of my box since this last update or my formatting is all stupid, with spaces everywhere, etc?


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  1. sorry to hear you've had some problems with blogger. I have not had these kinds of problems thankfully but sometimes blogger just won't let me post anything.


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