Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm still here + News on Upcoming Giveaways!

So, do you ever just have a time in your life where everything seems to happen one right after the other?

I've been going through that!

Want to know the bit of it? So, I had my new flooring for not even 24 hours before half of my bottom floor was flooded by the washer machine (the workers didn't reconnect the drainage hose and I failed to realize this until after,) and I had to have it ripped up two days later.

Now, over a month later it still hasn't been replaced. Not for lack of trying. Like our first batches of flooring, this last one was mismilled as well. We'll be lucky to have it done by Christmas.

Also, my local rink is finally getting ready to hopefully reopen after foreclosure. This means an abundance of work on my end to get the youth program back up and running since I am the Director of Youth Hockey. This doesn't include that hockey season has started and I have 2 games a week with the local pro-team, except for the past few weeks while Disney on Ice has been at the arena.

Top on this my son, homework, cooking, getting ready for the holiday, finishing the rest of the home updates, and just normal life and needless to say I've been ridiculous busy.

So, I plan to devote a day to blogging soon to schedule some posts and write some reviews. I'm still reading and reviewing and will get back to it but between life and my real-life photography + design that I'm currently redesigning and expanding I'm just a little slow going.

So, to my faithful followers, I THANK YOU!


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