Wednesday, February 20, 2013

When Book Quotes Meet Reality....

I've had a bad weekend to say the least. I've experienced my first funeral as an adult and as a parent. It was of a seven week old baby (not mine.)  It is heart breaking - my heart still hurts for so many reasons including the fact that the father of the baby referenced my son during the funeral. 

Anyway, I just finished Notes From Ghost Town by Kate Ellison |goodreads|author website| It was flippin' fabulous, by the way. 

So, on page 321 of my physical ARC I came across a short passage, a liner really. And to say it completely did the book justice and also made me crack all at once is an understatement. 

"People die. They die too early, sometimes. And there is grief that almost crushes everything." 

I'm not sure if it is my age and/or life experiences, the more I read Young Adult books I realize how much these fictional stories really cross over to real life. Sometimes, like now, I really wish it didn't.