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The {Teen} Book Scene: Eternity: Character Interview

Today, here at Flippin' Fabulous - A Reader's Record we have Heather Terrell and Rafe stopping by to mark my stop on their Eternity Blog Tour with THE {TEEN} BOOK SCENE.

Eternal by Heather Terrell
Fallen Angel #2
Harper Collins Publishers
June 28, 2011

The end . . . or a new beginning?
As Ellie comes to grips with her destiny as the Elect One, her relationship with Michael grows tense. When she meets a mys­terious boy named Rafe, things get even more complicated.
Yet the time has come for the Elect One to stand against the group of evil fallen angels who are bent on destroying the world. In order to face the immeasurable malevolence heading her way, Ellie tries to put her personal life aside. But she soon learns that whoever holds her heart also holds the key to mankind’s salvation—or destruction. As the end days approach, Ellie is faced with an epic decision. Who does her heart really belong to? And is her love strong enough to save the world?

Lets Welcome Heather! 

I just wanted to take a second to say thank you so much for your interest in
Eternity, the second book in the Fallen Angel series!!  I really appreciate it, and am looking forward to blogging with you today.  If you or your readers want to chat further, you can always check out my website or friend me on Facebook.
Thanks again!

Heather Terrell      

Now Lets welcome Rafe! 

[1] So, who are you Rafe?  What can you tell us about yourself?

I am reluctant to reveal too much about myself, unless I must.  The knowledge of my exact nature is possessed by very, very few beings, by His command.  There are certain pieces of information that I can share safely with you.  I am new to Tillinghast, Maine, and am a senior at a local high school.  I have only recently met Ellie Faneuil in person, although I’ve known about her for a long time.  I find Ellie to be unusually compelling and beautiful for her kind, and I find myself wanting to break the rules that guide my existence to spend more time with her.  I hope that her destiny and the laws governing my life do not keep us from being together.  

[2] Do you mind telling us what you are, if anything beyond normal like the rest of us?  Or are we going to be forced to figure that one out for ourselves?

It seems as though I must share the secret of my nature with you.  I suppose that, if you read Eternity, you will learn the truth anyway.  I am an angel.  Not a fallen angel like so many Ellie has encountered, and not a half-angel half-human like Ellie herself.  I am an angel of His presence, one of the few, full angels permitted to stand before Him.  I am supposed to merely watch Ellie from above.  But I found it impossible to stay away.  To help her – and be close to her – I descended from Heaven and walked the ground for the first time since the age of Noah.      
[3] Do you care to share your thoughts on destiny, Rafe?

Destiny guides all of our lives, whether they’re human or otherworldly.  Or both, like Ellie’s.  But destiny does not mean that we must follow our fate blindly.  We are given the free will to make decisions, and those choices can change our destiny.  I exercised my free will when I came to earth, and now I must see how it will shape my destiny.
[4] What do you like to do when you have free time?  Any hobbies or interests?

I’m afraid that my existence has allowed me very little free time.  I will confess that I have really come to enjoy studying the ways of humankind – how they act, how they speak, what they think, how they dress, what they do.  So, if that qualifies as a hobby, I suppose that’s mine.    
[5] Now my favorite question.  If you were a shape, you'd be?  If you were a color, you'd be? If you were a season, you'd be?  If you were an instrument you'd be?

You pose some very interesting questions.  As for shapes, I guess that I would choose a circle because it has no beginning and no end.  Although I like all colors, I would pick white because of its purity and its ability to capture other colors.  Finally, spring is the season I’d select because it holds so much promise, and as for instruments, I’d choose anything but a harp.  For obvious reasons.      

Wow!  Thank You Heather and Rafe for taking the time to stop by!  And thank you to THE {TEEN} BOOK SCENE for making this tour possible!

Make sure to nab Eternity and Fallen Angel, if you already have not!  Watch for my Eternity Review coming up soon!

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