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Of Light and Darkness: Author Interview

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Let's Welcome Shayne Leighton, Author of The Vampire's Daughter, Of Light and Darkness No. 1! I absolutely adored this book and was totally excited when I got a chance to send a few questions over to Shayne Leighton via {Teen Book Scene}!

Hi Stacey! Thank you so much for having me at Flippin’ Fabulous!!!

[1] I know that writing isn't your only talent, I have found out you have several, do you care to share with us some of your others?
Thank you! I do really love writing and think that it’s my most therapeutic passion. When I’m writing, it’s only my thoughts and myself.  But you’re right – I do partake in a bunch of other collaborative art forms that I also am really passionate about. My background is primarily in acting and filmmaking. I’ve been acting in television commercials and film since I was 5 years old and also had an extreme love for musical theatre throughout high school. I think I just love story-telling in general, so I try to do it utilizing as many facets of the arts as I possibly can, whether it be acting, singing, or writing.

[2] I read Of Light and Darkness, loved it, and really felt the passion between the characters and their situations. Where did your inspiration for Of Light and Darkness come from?
Of Light and Darkness is my most favorite thing I’ve penned to date. I pulled from a lot of different areas of my life and research for inspiration. I love all things magical and impossible. Most of my inspiration, however, stemmed from my husband and his rich, Czech heritage. After hearing so many stories, I absolutely fell in love with the country, its setting, and its history.
Also, this is really interesting, but the first bout of inspiration that jump-started the fact that I would even write the story was a dream I had where I was actually walking through the hazy streets of what would become my Occult town at night. It kind of looked like something out of the movies ‘Hocus Pocus’ and ‘Halloween Town’.

[3] Being the nosy blogger that I am, I have also noticed that you have listed possible more books to go with Of Light and Darkness. Is Of Light and Darkness going to be a series following Charlotte and Valek or are you writing other stand alone titles featuring other characters or are they new stories altogether?
Of Light and Darkness is DEFINITELY being planned as a series that will continue to follow Charlotte and Valek. I just love these characters too much to leave them alone.

[4] Silly question I know but your pictures, your works, and your talents make me feel like maybe came from another time. Do you ever feel like maybe you were born in the wrong era or world?
I actually LOVE this question, because I totally feel like that’s true. I feel like maybe my past life was in the Victorian Era. I don’t feel a tie to anything Medieval, but Victorian, definitely. Plus, I’m kind of trying to write the Of Light and Darkness series as a borderline Steampunk series. I just really like the feel of this budding, new genre which was sort of birthed from Victorian style.

[5] Now a question I make a point to ask every author I am able to.... If you were a color, you'd be? If you were a season, you'd be? If you were a shape, you'd be?
If I were a color, I would totally be a deep, warm, autumn red – it’s a tad seductive, a tad soft, and a tad fiery all at the same time.
If I were a season, I would be autumn! It’s my absolute favorite time of year and Halloween is of course my favorite holiday!
If I were a shape, I would be a triangle. I don’t know why…I feel like I just would be…

Thank You for stopping by Shayne! I loved this interview, I think it is one of my favorite to date :-)

Fab Readers, if you have a chance make sure to check out Of Light of Darkness, it is absolutely fabulous!
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  2. YAY!!! Thanks for posting this!!! And thanks for saying it was one of your faves! That made my day!


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