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Bio:  I'm a dabbler.  I'm a blogger, a reader with purple glasses, an aspiring published author, a photographer (when I actually charge),  a html-graphic-person, and a wanna-be kick butt hockey player who doesn't officially play... like I said I'm a dabbler.  I'm a pretty crafty-chick and can (read: like to think) make things happen.  I like that I'm creative, I just wish I could sit still long enough to actually put my skills to use to make a few extra bucks... for books of course.

(Updated: 1/30/13) Yes, I'm back after a long needed hiatus.  It was a medically necessary leave of absence and I'm still not perfect, but getting there, and already kickin' it!  So, yes, things around here are going to change.  So if I seem like I'm going through an identity crisis, I probably am :)

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Are you an author looking for promotional item design... you know, like business cards, bookmarks, post cards, yadda-yadda and etc.?  What about book cover design?  Yup, I do that too.
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