Review Policy

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Why I Review and Blog:

Book Blogging is my hobby, not my job.  I read for entertainment purposes and because I enjoy it.  I have a pretty lenient schedule which allows ample reading and blogging time which makes book blogging and connecting with others who read possible.

My Reviews:

My reviews are 100% honest and will include the word "I."  I'm a book blogger, not a reviewer.  While I do try my best to offer a well rounded review, touching base on the main aspects of the book, I will always point out how a book made me feel.  That is why I can absolutely adore a book but it may be labeled as a three star review.

I am no longer assigning star ratings in the reviews themselves.  I do my best to capture my thoughts with my words.

All reviews are included in my review archive then posted on Goodreads, Library Thing and Barnes & Noble.  I also link to my reviews on Twitter.

Am I accepting books for Reviews + What types of books do I accept:

Yes, I am accepting books for reviews although I am at-times depending on my book load selective.  I'm sorry, but I may not respond to each and every request but I do try my best to go over each request that enters my e-mail box.

I do accept E-Galleys and E-Books on a case by case basis.

Current Genres I am Interested In all fall under the Young Adult Fiction category.
-Chick Lit -Contemporary -Dystopian -Historical -Paranormal -Romance -Urban Fantasy

Although I prefer these genres, like I said, I do go over each request and will sometimes go out of my comfort zone.

I generally will not accept non-fiction, biographies, memoirs, and anything that may be filed under erotica.

Additional Information:

My blog was officially established August 2010.
Between September 2010 - May 31, 2011 my stats are as follows:
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I am an affiliate of Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Google.  Any small amount of compensation received from these affiliates goes back into my blog.  Including, but not limited to giveaways and shipping.

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