Friday, August 27, 2010

On Fab's Doorstep (2)

Originally dubbed In My Mailbox, The Story Siren runs this meme for bloggers to dedicate a post to bring attention to what they received that week.  These books could have been found in our mailbox (or doorstep,) picked up at the library, the store, or received as a gift.

To mix up this up a little I thought it only fitting to give my In My Mailbox a different title.

On Fab's Doorstep.

Seeing as I live in the middle of no where and despite how I am acquiring the books they all seem to end up on my doorstep.  So the title only seemed fitting.


Here is what I have received this week :-)


Prisoners in the Palace Invisible Things Grace

Prisoners in the Palace by Michaela MacColl
Invisible Things by Jenny Davidson
Grace by Elizabeth Scott


Ruined Shade Infinite Days

Ruined by Paula Morris
by Jeri Smith-Ready (Ebook)
Infinite Days
by Rebecca Maizel

What did you get?


  1. I'm jealous you have Shade and Infinite Days! I can't wait to read those. Looks like you had a week of female close-up covers, haha. Enjoy!

  2. i haven't heard of invisible things, i'll have to check it out!

  3. Wow, you got some great books this week! I've heard nothing but good things about Shade and Infinite Days. Enjoy your books :)

  4. Great books ! Have a fun time reading them.

    Here's what I got In My Mailbox

  5. Infinite Days is on my TBR list.

  6. Great books. I have heard great things about Ruined by Paula Morris, that it's a good creepy story! Enjoy the books you got and I do hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  7. Okay, that's it. I totally need to buy Infinite Days!

  8. I've heard a lot about Shade and Infinite Days - apparently, both are awesome :) Though I must say your ARCs that capture my attention! Enjoy this week's reading:)

  9. Nice mailbox! Haven't read any of those but have several of them on my TBR list. Enjoy!

  10. I bought Infinite Days this week. Enjoy!!

  11. what is invisable things about? looks good but I can't find a discription :(

  12. Oohh I saw Infinite Days in the store a few days ago but couldn't get it (darn food) Can't wait to see what you thought of it. Congrats on some great books :D


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