Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday Torment: A Sad, but True, Confession

So with the release today of MockingJay I feel the need to make a very big confession.

This is huge.  Really.

I have NEVER read The Hunger Games.

I guess it goes without saying, since I am uber compulsive about reading series in order, that I have never read Catching Fire.

Now, if you put the two together, I guess that probably tells you I wasn't running out to the store today, and never pre-ordered Mockingjay.

*Cue Gasps*

So, with all of the Mockingjay posts and tweets today, that is the little secret that has been pulling to get off of my chest.


I feel better ;-)

Have Fun Flippin' all you Mockingjay crazed book-lovers!!!  I hope to catch up with you soon!!!

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The Hunger Series by Suzanne Collins: 
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  1. I too have never read the Hunger Games series, and was not one of those crazed people running to the stores to pre-order Mockingjay. I just know that from the synopsis the books do not sound like ones I would read or like.

  2. I didn't pick up the series until a month after Catching Fire came out and didn't get around to reading them until about two months ago. I suggest saving these books when you are in a book reading slump and have had to weed through some lousy titles. That's what I did and it was so refreshing to be pulled into such an amazing story with great characters. The Hunger Game series has it all and whenever you get around to reading them, I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it!

  3. ALN, THAT is what I was thinking. The synopsis did nothing for me- but in defense to that MANY people said the same but enjoyed the books thoroughly.

    I guess unless the books just happen to land on top of my reading pile it is going to take some encouragement to spend the money and buy all three.

    Anjohnston, you make the books sound promising :-) Along with just about everyone else who has read them.

    Thanks for responding!!!

  4. I was/am one of those "crazed Hunger Games readers" and just finished the 3rd and final book. I can honestly say that few books have affected me the way these have, and have made me think and draw so many parallels while reading. Definitely read them! :)

  5. You are too funny! I came to this series late and was able to read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire one after the other which was nice. I won't force my opinion on you by saying you MUST read them, but I will say they are worth the read if you can get past all the hype. It's just a great story, very dark, very twisted, and very emotional:) Hope you like them if you give them a try!


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