Thursday, October 14, 2010

Waiting on PayDay (2)

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Whether it's a new release or one that's been out for a while, come share the book you're desperate to read that has you impatiently waiting for Pay Day. Don't forget to include just why it has you so excited !!

So for a quick update:  I didn't do W.O.W this week but really still felt like doing this one.  I LOVE WOW but seeing as it is for future books I kind of like the idea of this meme being one I can post about what I see on the shelves NOW.

So, for a quick update on last week's Waiting on Pay Day, I got lucky and snagged The Summer I Turned Pretty at my Library yesterday- so I get to mark that one off of my list.  Can't wait to read it. 
(By the way, watch out for a post on Libraries coming soon!)

So here is this weeks choice!

Immortal Beloved by Cate Tiernan

New name, new town, new life. Nastasya has done it too often to count. And there’s no end in sight. Nothing ever really ends... when you’re immortal. But this time is different: Nastasya knows that this new town must hold her salvation—or her death.

Nastasya was born into darkness, and has embraced it her whole life. Four hundred years ago, a tragedy robbed her of her birthright, and she’s been living a lie ever since. Now, four centuries of exploring the depths and limits of dark power has left Nastasya feeling sickened unto death. If she continues down this road, she will end up as a very dark, twisted, evil thing—with unthinkable power. Or she can begin the long, painful road toward light, and reclaim the destiny that others tried to destroy.

They’re rare. You may have never met one, never sat next to one on a plane, never eaten in the same restaurant at the same time. But the Immortals are there. Have always been there. Will always be there. Moving among humans, playing out their own cursed fate. Sometimes subtly, sometimes with huge, sweeping implications for mankind. But no one will ever know. Except you.

I have to say when I saw that this book was coming out I completely freaked.  I LOVED the sweep series.  I got the first two books on B&N for less then two dollars each and read them both in a day and a half.  The next day I went to B&N, which didn't have the books, then to Borders were I purchased the rest of the set.  Yeah, my bank account didn't appreciate me much at that moment but I was a happy camper.  I love Cate's writing style and even with what can be said are recycled ideas she puts her own weight into it and her characters and I love it!

So What Are You Waiting On?! 
(Don't forget you can click on the covers of my two chosen books to see their Goodreads page!)


  1. Hey, great minds think alike because yesterday I picked this book up to see what it was about. It sounds like a great read but I'm a little worried because I had mixed feelings about the first few books in the Sweep series. I have all the books and I'm thinking they might get better. Just the beginning killed me. Hope you get it soon :)

  2. Ive read this book, if you want from one reviewer to another. I could post you the book as Ive already read and reviewed it. It might take a couple of weeks to reach you as Im in NZ ? Going to Post Office on Monday as I have a couple of books to ship around the world. If you are interested , give me an email @ BTW Im an old follower -

    Cheers, Paula

  3. Am looking forward to your post on of my most favorite places..

  4. I have an ARC of this one. Couldn't get into it after the first chapter, but I may have been in a mood. I'll give it another try when I have more free time.


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