Saturday, September 10, 2011

Excuse The Mess.....

As you can see I am undergoing a blog overhaul.

With the changes in my life I believe it is time.  It wasn't that I didn't like my last layout, I did, and this one is boring in comparison but in it's own way the old one was boring.

While looking up Wordpress tutorials, to learn to make my own Wordpress layouts (For my Photography website,) I came across some fabulous blogger widgets.  The RSS Accordian and the little Tabbed thing to the ----- >. And with the help of a fellow blogger in addition to a forum I was able to figure out what was going wrong with my top nav attempts.  Thank goodness.  I was to the point I couldn't look at my blog without having some sort of stress-attack.  I hate clutter, point blank.  Now with that fabulous drop down menu, I don't have links and buttons spread everywhere.   *Phew*  Then of course, I figured out how to do the whole three column thing, all on one side and split.  I'm not sure which the bigger head ache was... the navigation or the splitting of the columns.

So, yes, I decided to clean up.  I'm sure I'll be editing it more as time passes on.  I actually know I will, it's still too plain for me liking, but it'll do for now.



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