Saturday, September 3, 2011

Where I've been....

Sometimes, just sometimes, thingss get a little out of control.  I haven't been feeling well for a while and the reasons are still to-be-determined.  My husband, my doctor and myself, we all have our own theories but these theories take time to figure out.  I'm being treated for a few things to see if it helps and offers me a better quality of life and I've loaded up on vitamins, trying to eat better (more fruits and veggies) and trying to keep busy... problem with working through it is the fact that I could literally sleep all day and all night right now and sometimes I come close to it, waking up just in time to pick my son up from school and start with our afternoon and evening schedules (dinner, baths, homework, reading.)  On top of that we are doing some home renovation-ish type of things that have been neglected too long.  I have a half painted wall that has been like that for over a two weeks now.  We finally picked our wood floors after a month and ordered them but otherwise everything else is left undone because I can't concentrate long enough to take care of it.  I'm just sort of a mess.

I'm still reading and promise to put up some reviews soon.  I also have some great tours coming through the blog this month.  I've got to get a move on it to get these posts ready :-)  I think like 4 or 5.

So bear with me, please.  Just a lot of change in my life with my son starting school, our schedules changing, home renovations and not feeling well.  I'm still here, just trying to catch up with myself and my home.

So hopefully I get on top of it.  Otherwise, stick around because I have some great books to show you this month with a few giveaways.  You can't beat that :-)


  1. Sounds horrendous. Very stressful having work done on the house and worry how your son will settle in school. I'm not mediacl but a few years ago I felt like that but after flu type viruses, they treated me with vitamin B6 which helped for post viral fatigue. I'm sure your GP is running tests but ME is a possibility. I do hope you feel better soon. Hugs x

  2. I hope everything works out and we all miss you!


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