Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fab's Flippin' into a New Month

Although my blog is not yet a month old the month is turning.

So what have I accomplished over this half month of blogging?

A lot!

☆Have 50+ followers!  Half way to the 100 follower mark, which is when I'll be hosting my first giveaway!

☆I've posted several reviews, which can all be found here.
-Glimmerglass -The Iron King -The Iron Daughter -Jekel Loves Hyde -The Seventeenth Summer -Shade -Sticky Fingers -Vamped

☆I've been awarded the One Lovely Blog award four times! 

☆I've successfully read 2 books in the 2010 Young Authors Debut Challenge.  (<---Check the left side bar)

☆I've linked up to Goodreads, Twitter, and Barnes and Noble (Check the right side bar --->)

☆I've met some awesome bloggers :-)

 On to other news...

These books are coming out over the next few weeks that I am really looking forward to.  It is a pretty good month of reads in my opinion
(All books link to Goodreads.) 

August 31 Releases

Unraveled Clockwork Angel Radiance Paranormalcy Nevermore

September 01 Releases

Return to Paradise Spy Glass

September 07 Releases 

Immortal Beloved Extraordinary

September 16 Release


September 28 Release 


Now I ask you...

So what have you accomplished this month or hope to accomplish this upcoming month?  What is coming out that you are looking forward to?


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