Friday, November 5, 2010

Book Blog Hop (10) + Follow Friday (9) + Week(s) In Review (3)

It's Follow Friday!

This is my ninth Follow My Blog Friday, a weekly meme hosted by hosted by Parajunkee's View! I did take a week or so off... but now I'm back.

My Favorite Authors... Are you REALLY asking me this?!

Claudia Gray, Cassandra Clare, Holly Schindler, Julie Kagawa, Jeri Smith-Ready, Lurlene McDaniel, P.C Cast, Carrie Jones, Jennifer Echols, Simone Elkeles, Elizabeth Scott, Sarah Dessen, Rachel Hawthorne... And I have a few *adult* favorite as well.  Laurell K. Hamilton, Gena Showalter (she does YA too!) 

Book Blogger Hop

This is my tenth Book Blogger Hop, a weekly meme hosted by Crazy-For-Books

Book Blogger Hop Question:

What are your thoughts on losing followers?  Have you ever stopped following a blog?

No, I have not stopped following a blog.  Will I, probably not unless someone who 'promised' a certain aspect to their blog doesn't follow through and it becomes offensive, discriminatory, etc.  If you claim to be a Y.A. Book blog but you start posting offensive materials (links, pictures, thoughts, views,) I might have to 'unfollow.'  Make sense? 

As for losing followers?  You can't please everyone and while I might take it personally I would try not to.  Some people do better having a smaller community of blogs they follow- and that is fine.  Everyone has different preferences so if you find a blog that is more tailored to you and your roll is getting a little uncomfortable then by all means...

So, what about you?


What is new this week? And Last...

Yay me, I posted my first Flippin' Backwards! It is featuring Old Magic and Night Runner. I'm kind of excited of revisiting some of my favorite books I have sitting on my shelves and providing a *short* and quick review to share with all of you!

Not much going on this week.  I have been REALLY busy.  Hopefully it calms down soon!  Also, if you notice small changes around here and some mess ups SORRY! I'm slowly trying to clean this up- still being a new book blog I am trying to figure out exactly how and what I want on my page.

I'll be taking part in The Gratitude Giveaways Nov 17- Nov 27 so watch out for that...

I'll be posting my first Flip-It-Foward soon.  I had some tech. difficulties with blogger (again!) and it threw everything off.  I'm going to get on this soon!  Look for it later today!

Last week I posted my The Summer I Turned Pretty review.  I remember I was so excited they had this book at my library! I wanted it so bad and was so glad I got to read it.  Now I just need to find It's Not Summer Without You. 

Have you heard of Holly Schindler?  Check out my Waiting on Pay Day post for a look at her Debut novel!  I absolutely can not wait for Playing Hurt.  I mean, really, that book is on the tip top of my *wish list!*

Check out my Waiting on Wednesday post for more info on Playing Hurt by Holly Schindler and another one of the books that make my *wish list!*

Special thanks go to the Authors who have chosen me to be part of their upcoming book tours!  I am so excited to be included!  Neither of these will happen for several months but I can't wait!

Another special thanks go to Bound By Books and Confessions of a Bookaholic for their wonderful Haunted Halloween Author Posts, Giveaways and interaction!  It was a fab time and it was fun reading all of the spooky stories from the authors who took part!

Last but not least, the winners of my 100+ Follower giveaway were chosen, thanks to, and were contacted.  They all responded and I am sure that at least one of them has received their books!  Congratulations to them and I really can't wait to host my next giveaway.  It was totally fab and fun!


  1. Happy Friday, and happy hopping! I think we're all bound to lose followers every now and again, but it's the one who stick with us that count anyway! :)

  2. Hopping by! Old follower....

    Hope you come by and see my answer!

  3. I'm always a little bummed when I lose followers but make every effort to
    turn every lost follower into a learning experience so I can improve my

    On the flip side, I only stop following people when they give me a reason to
    such as being totally off message or being too controversial in an negative,
    over-the-top way.

    Happy Book Blogger Hop Friday!

    Howard Sherman

  4. Who are your favorite authors??

    My favorite authors are:
    Maeve Binchy
    J.K. Rowling
    Stephenie Meyer
    Charlaine Harris

  5. Hello!Just dropping by from FF,I am now a follower!
    Have a great weekend :)

    AtenRa | Just Another Book Blog

  6. Just stopping by to let a little hi. :)

  7. I hate losing followers, but with some I have seen where they will follow to a contest then un-follow right after ... that makes me sad, and a little bitter at the same time. But like Melissa said, it's the ones that continue to follow that count!

    I'm a new follower by the way. Just thought I'd drop by and say hi!

    Missy @ Missy's Reads & Reviews


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